Comparison between Agility and Cardio Respiratory Endurance on 10 to 12 Years Old Female Students with and without Flat Foot



1 Associated Professor Tehran University

2 Assistant Professor Payam e Noor University


The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of flat foot on cardio respiratory endurance and agility among the two groups of 10-12 years female students.  Subjects were 400 elementary school students. At first, one group took the foot print and we found that 20 students had flat foot. We compared this group with 20 students who had normal feet and had selected randomly. The first and second group’s average age, weight, heights respectively were 11.6 years, 37.1 kilograms, 135.3 centimeters and 11.3 years, 35.3 kilograms, 139.1 centimeters. Then all groups took part in 600 yards run and 4×9 shuttle run for measuring cardio respiratory endurance and agility. The results of this study showed  that  in spite of that the average of cardio respiratory endurance in the flat foot  students  was more than the other, statistically there is no significant difference between the students who have normal  and  they who have flat foot (p≤0.05). Statistically there was no significant difference between the students who had normal and flat foot in agility (p≤0.05). This study showed that the flat foot girls elementary school students has no effect on cardio respiratory endurance and agility, so there is no limitation for children with these disorders to involve in the  activities. The results suggested that these children should be take part in the activities like the normal children.