The Recognition of the Obstacles of Performing New Methods of PE. Training in Schools; According to Teachers View in Ilam

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Professor Payam e Noor University

2 M.A. in Payam e Noor


The purpose of this research is to study and recognize the obstacles of performing the new methods of Ph .Ed. training according to male and female teachers in schools located in Ilam province. This research is descriptive and practical. The statistical community consists of all the male and female teachers (220 teachers) from four districts of Ilam educational organization from which 140 teachers were chosen randomly as samples. Questionnaires are used to collect data. The validity of questionnaire has been studied and proved by PE. experts. The reliability of questionnaire has been computed with Cronbach¢s Alpha. Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics (one-Way-ANOVA Test, Chi-Square Test, Pearson correlation, one sample T Test) are used to analysis the data. The results showed that the opinions of four districts teachers about the obstacles of using new methods in the level of (p≤0.05) are not meaningful and in the level of (a=0.05) there is a positive and meaningful relation between the in service education of these methods and applying them and there is a positive relation between the degree of the teachers and applying these new methods. It is also showed that there is a negative relation between the years of service and applying these new methods. And finally it is also showed that there is no much difference between the male and female teachers in relation to using these new methods.