Relationship between Core Stability with General and Specific Performance of Elite Swimmers Adolescence

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Professor - Kharazmi University

2 MSc.


 Perceived exertion is defined as the subjective feeling of effort, stress, discomfort or fatigue. In order to optimise swimmers’ performance, an adequate base of support which known Core Stability is needed for upper and lower extremity movements. This study aimed to determine the relationship between Core Stability with general and specific in elite swimmers performance. The subjects were twelve healthy elite male swimmers (with age of 12.25±1.05 yrs, height of 160.05±13.54cm and weight of 49.33±10 kg). To measure the core stability endurance, McGill Protocol, the core stability power, and 30 / 60s sit-up test are used. The specific and general swimmers performance measured separately. The set of performance tests including Back Squat, bench press, vertical jump and 40m sprint test were used to measure the general performance of swimmers and for their specific performance stroke index and 100m crawl stroke were applied. The Pearson correlation coefficient is applied to determine the relationship between the variables at p≤0.05. The only significance relationship seen between back squat test and 60s sit-up test(r=-0.813), while positive and significant relationship observed between the general performance tests with the total points of the core stability endurance tests in squat variables (r=0.63). But a reverse relationship in bench press observed (r=-0.62). The findings in specific performance have shown the different of general performance in the sense that no relationship was observed between the specific performance with the core stability endurance and power. The only significant relationship was found in stroke index parameter and 60s (r=-0.694)/30s (r=-0.630) sit-up. The findings of the study showed that the core stability endurance is more related to the general performance test than to the specific performance, while higher significant relationship shown in specific performance test and in core stability endurance which might happened as the trainers fail to train the exercise. Due to the results, core stability exercise using in training session is recommend for elite swimmers adolescence.