The Comparison between Motor Proficiency and Body Composition in Pupils 9-10 Years Old

Document Type : Research Paper


1 MSc. of Sports Psychology - Kermanshah Education Org.

2 Associated Prof. - Tehran Uni.

3 Ph.D. Student - Payam e Noor Uni.


Obesity has become a serious childhood health issues worldwide. It has been suggested that  children  who  master  motor  skill  proficiency  will  be  more involved  in  physical  activity  thus  preventing  them  from  being overweight. The aim of this research was Comparison between motor proficiency and BMI in pupil’s ages 9-10 years. This research was consist of112 pupils ages 9-10 years in 3 groups with difference BMI(normal, overweight, obesity). BMI was calculated from measured height and weight (body mass /height Kg.m2).Motor proficiency was evaluated using Bruininks-Oseretsky Test (Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Performance BOTMP-SF).Descriptive statistics was used to categorize the data and analyzing was based on ANOVA and Tucky H.S.D test. Analyses of variance (ANOVAs) uncovered there is significant difference between groups and normal group performed better than Overweight and obesity groupsin gross and fine motor proficiency. However, there isno significant difference between overweight and obesity groups.