The Effect of 8-Weeks an Aerobic and Anaerobic Training on the Physical Abilities of 12-14 Years Boys

Document Type : Research Paper


1 M.Sc. in Sports physiology

2 Associated Professor- Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training Uni.

3 Assistant Professor- Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training Uni.


This study aimed to investigate the effect of 8-weeks an aerobic and anaerobic training onthe physical abilities of12-14 years old non-athlete boys.The sample included 54 boys who wereselected randomly from202students fromShahidHosaini junior high school, and using Health Questionnaire.The subjects included 3 groups of 18 who were randomly assigned to aerobic, anaerobic and control groups.At first, all groups were pre-tested,and then two training groups participated in an 8-week program (3 session a week, each session 30-60 minutes and with the intensity of %60-%80 in the aerobic group and %70-%90 Heart Rate Reserve in anaerobic group).Finally all groups were post-tested. The data were analyzed through descriptive (means,table, diagrams) and inferential statistics including:dependent t- test,One way ANOVA and the Tukey post Hoc test.The results of the comparison of pre and post-tests records indicated that cardiovascular endurance, shoulder griddle muscle strength and endurance, lumbar and back hip muscle flexibility had significant improvementsbut for the strength and endurance of abdominal no improvement was observed in both training groups. In comparing the post test record average of 3 groups, it was observed that regarding the cardiovascular endurance and flexibility both training groups showed improvement and showed a significant difference with the control group(p˂0.05).But in Shoulder griddle and Abdominal muscle strength and endurance, only anaerobic training could result in improvement and showed a significant differencewith the control group(p˂0.05).It was also observed that in all of the abilities there were no significant differences between the effect of aerobic and anaerobic training.