The Relationship between Knowledge Management and the Application of Information Technology in Departments of Youth and SportsOrganization ofWest Azerbaijan Province

Document Type : Research Paper


1 M.A. - Kurdistan Uni.

2 Associated Professor Urmia Uni.

3 M.A.- Sports Physiology Urmia Uni.

4 M.A.-Tehran Uni.


The most important multilateral variable of development, at present time, in the organizations and businesses fields is knowledge. This study aimed to investigate the relationship between knowledge management and the application of information technology at departments and youth sports association in West Azerbaijan province. The population were all employees of the Youth and Sports Department and the sample was determined with a statistical population (140=N). The data were collected through a standard questionnaire of Knowledge Management and a valid IT questionnaire. The reliability of the Knowledge Management questionnaire and the IT questionnaire were 90.0 and 97.0, respectively. The data were analyzed by Pearson correlation, multiple regression and analysis of variance. The results showed a significant positive relationship between knowledge management and application of information technology. Regression results also showed that the sub-scale of knowledge acquisition can be as the best predictor for usage of information technology in sports and youth staff department’s province. Therefore, IT as an efficient infrastructure for knowledge management and information technology can play a key role to serve as an effective tool in the acquisition, distribution and accountability to develop knowledge among the Youth and Sports Department.